Since the beginning in 2011, Sciencedomain International has successfully delivered a myriad of journals to the science enthusiasts. They started with only 18 journals but in 2015, they have created an extensive portfolio of total 35 journals. As the competition is fierce in the journal publication industry, a number of journals from different publishers were unable to leave their mark in the industry. On the contrary, Sciencedomain International has taken a huge leap forward towards success in the year 2015 by controlling 0.27% of the global publishing market. Their growth rate is remarkable, and it is reflected from their 0.01% to 0.14% growth in the first four years of their operation. This growth rate is far more great than some other leading OA publishers in the industry. Sciencedomain International really appreciates everyone’s support to enable them reach at this current position in world publication market.

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