Preliminary Studies on Potential Industrial Applications of Conorandos panados Seed Oil


Conorandus panados plant known in Higgi language as ‘Mnizee’ in Michika Local Government of Adamawa State, Nigeria, was found to be a plant of some industrial importance. The hexane extract of the seed oil was Physico-chemically analyzed; functional groups determined using IR, fatty acid composition qualitatively determined using GC-MS. The oil yield was 120 cm3/400g of the grounded seed and the colour of the oil was yellow. The results of the physicochemical analysis revealed the following; Acid value 0.052 mgKOH/g, iodine value 107/100 g, Peroxide value 2.600 meq H2O2, Saponification value 788 mgKOH/g, relative density 0.906 g/ml (sp = 0.906),  Refractive index 1.47, the percentage yield is 27.18%. The fatty acids detected were 2-Methyl-4-heptenal/C8H18O,4-Heptanal/C7H12O, 1,5-Hexadiene/C6H10, 2-isononenal Zinc/C9H15ZnO, 9,12-OctadecadienoicAcid/ C18H32O2, Oleic Acid/ C8H34O2 acid, 1,2-Binaphthalene/C20H14, Undec-10-ynoic Acid/ C11H18O2, 5-Hexenoic Acid/C6H18O2, Cyclopentaneundecanoic Acid/C16H30O2, 9,12-Octadecadienoyl Chloride /C18H31ClO, Acetamide/C2H5NO. In this study, the result obtained vis a vis; saponification value, iodine value, acid value coupled with the presence of oleic acid, makes C. panados seed oil suitable for use as a paint binder, and soap production. It is also a good candidate for foam making this is due to the polyols of this oil will give a high number of OH, which is suitable for foam production. The preliminary investigation reveals that C. panados seed oil could be used as paint binder, soap making and foam production pending further research.

Keywords :

Conorandus panados; seed oil; physico-chemical; GC-MS; paint-binder; foam; saponification.

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