Phytochemical Screening & in vivo Fertility Enhancing Activity (Aphrodisiac) of Abutilon indicum Roots on Male Wistar Rats



The plant Abutilon indicum (Linn) is an important medicinal plant used in our Traditional System of Medicine to treat various health aliments. The plant has been traditionally used for used as demulcent, aphrodisiac, laxative, diuretic, pulmonary and sedative. The plant is found in India, Sri Lanka, topical regions of America and Malaysia. The aim of the present study was to carry out the preliminary phytochemical screening of the root extracts and further to evaluate the aphrodisiac activity of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of the of the root part of plant Abutilon indicum L. In this study, the aqueous and ethanolic extracts of the roots of Abutilon indicum L. were subjected to preliminary phytochemical screening which showed the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates, flavonoids and phytosterol, tannins, gums and mucilages are found to be absent. The total extracts were tested for their aphrodisiac activity in experimental rats. The ethanolic extract of Abutilon indicum L. roots at higher concentration (400 mg/kg body weight) showed significant aphrodisiac activity on male wistar albino rats as evidenced by an increase in number of mounts, mating performance, hormonal analysis, testes-body ratio and sperm count. On the other hand, ethanolic extract at lower dose (200 mg/kg. body weight) and aqueous extract (400 mg/kg body weight) showed moderate aphrodisiac property. Thus, in experimental rats, the results of the present study suggest that the root extracts of Abutilon indicum L. exert significant aphrodisiac activity. Further, detailed studies are needed to know whether in-vivo administration of the extracts is beneficial for patients suffering from sexual disorders.

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