Peer Review History: Tomato Fruits Yield and Soil Properties as Affected by Salts Application and Irrigation Schedule at Jega, Sudan Savanna Agro-ecological Zone



Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum, Mill.) is the most popular vegetable with great nutritive value and good source of Potassium and Vitamin A & C. No horticultural crop has received more attention and detailed study than tomato. Water deficit decreases tomato growth, yield and quality therefore, proper water management is vital for sustainable crop production. Therefore, this work is aimed at investigating the effect of salts addition especially sodium chloride and potassium chloride and irrigation schedules on some soil properties and performance of tomato in the Sudan Savanna agro-ecological region of Northern Nigeria, under which Jega falls. The experiment consists of six treatments of salt and irrigation interval and applied at two levels and control i.e. no salt (NaCl 5 g 10 g and 0 g) also at two levels (4 and 7 days) combined in factorial arrangement. The treatments were coded as SoI4, SoI7, SA1I4, SA2I4, SA1I7 and SA2I7, designated as control (without salt with four and seven days irrigation interval), 5 g NaCl with 4 days irrigation interval, 10 g NaCl with 4 days irrigation interval, 5 g NaCl with 7 days irrigation interval and 10 g NaCl with 7 days irrigation interval respectively. The treatments were laid down in a Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD) and replicated three times. The results of this study shows that both salt and irrigation scheduling does not significantly affected the soil pH, whereas soil Organic Carbon was significantly affected by the salt application in which it was observed that the lower the salt concentration, the higher the percentage OC, while the longer the irrigation interval, the higher the percentage OC. No significant effect was also observed in the percentage TN (Total Nitrogen) by salt application as well as irrigation scheduling. Exchangeable bases were also affected by salt application as well as irrigation schedule.

Keywords :

Salt; irrigation; yield; soil; organic carbon; exchangeable bases.

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