Mechanisms and Antidiabetic Compounds of Balanites aegyptiaca delile Plant: A Mini-review


Balanites aegyptiaca has been reported to exert significant antidiabetic activity. It was reported to lowered blood glucose levels by different mechanisms where various active compounds were identified. In this review, bioactive compounds and likely mechanisms of action were highlighted. The review showed that different mechanisms such as oxygen radical scavenging activity, increased insulin secretion, and enhanced regeneration of beta cell of the pancreas was reported to explain antidiabetic effect of the plant. The plant also exerted alpha amylase inhibitory activity, insulinomimetic effect and enhanced glucose uptake by tissues. Compounds like steroidal saponins, simple phenolics and flavonoids are the likely active molecules reported. In conclusion, Balanites aegyptiaca has potential chemicals which exerted different antidiabetic mechanisms and if properly harnessed may lead to the discovering of new substance which could better serve in the management of diabetes mellitus.

Keywords :

Balanites aegyptiaca; antidiabetic; active compounds; mechanisms.

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