Aim: To validate the empirical functions of isomaltose and proposed its fates in metabolism using computational analysis.

Place and Duration of Study: This work was carried out at the Department of Biochemistry at the Federal University of Technology Akure Nigeria in 2017.

Methodology: We make use of text mining of experimental articles on isomaltose, predicted the potential targets using Swisstargetprediction server, and the Swisssimilarity server was used for drug similarity analysis.

Results: Isomaltose exhibits antimicrobial activity, biodegradability, non-toxic, and find its use in food, biochemistry and pharmaceutical industries as a prebiotic molecule, precursor metabolite and potent medicine respectively. Isomaltose possibly has a lower glycemic index, with the fate that implicated the production of diglucosamine, by the help of specific aminotransferase, and that there is a possibility of biosynthesis of secondary metabolites through isomaltose pathway.

Conclusion: This study provides the future areas of research and application of isomaltose.

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