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The Representation of Nigerian Indigenous Culture in Nollywood

Abstracts The general objective of this study is to appraise the representation of the Nigerian (African) culture in the global market by the Nigerian Nollywood. Specifically, the study tries to find out how The Nigerian Nollywood projects Nigerian rich local cultural values to the outside world; and appraise how the influx of foreign cultural values […]

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Foreign Aid Initiatives and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Nigeria: Perspectives on Country Ownership and Humanistic Care

Abstracts With a prevalence rate of 3.1%, Nigeria has a generalized HIV/AIDS epidemic. Like much other developing countries, Nigeria has to collaborate with development partners to fight the HIV/AIDS scourge. This review assesses the impact of foreign aid initiatives on the fight against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. It examines Nigeria’s capacity and willingness to independently own […]

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Effect of Skim Milk and Tris-citrate Extenders to Preserve the Semen of Indigenous Ram of Bangladesh

Abstracts In recent years, there has been an increased interest in the sperm preservation and maintenance of genetic resources of small ruminants. The study aimed to determine and compare the preservation effects of skim milk and Tris-citrate on the quality of chilled and frozen-thawed indigenous ram semen (n=13) during rainy monsoon season (June to October) […]

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