Garcinia kola (Heckel) and Carica papaya (Linn.) seeds from ripe fruits were investigated for their disinfection and coagulation activity in water. The phytochemical analysis indicated the presence of alkaloid, saponins, flavonoid and tannins in both seeds. Physicochemical analysis of the water samples was determined before and after treatment with seed solutions. Results showed that mixed Garcinia kola and Carica papaya extracts had no significant effect (P > .05) on temperature, pH, conductivity and chloride but significantly reduced (P = .05) TDS, BOD, nitrate, nitrite and turbidity. The coagulation and antimicrobial efficiency of mixed Garcinia kola Heckel and Carica papaya seed solution at different concentrations on turbid surface water (collected from Ogbor Hill River in Aba) were studied and compared. Microbial reduction for mixed extract of Garcinia kola and Carica papaya solution showed antimicrobial efficiency of 41.67 – 83.33% for Total coliform, 47.85 – 60.89% for E. coli, 12.87-83.33% for Fecal streptococcus, 40.46 – 83.33% for staphylococcus Aureus and 50.43 – 74.36% for Total heterotrophic bacteria at different concentration. Mixed Garcinia kola and Carica papaya seed solution reduced the turbidity perfectly at the optimum doze of 3% at which 67.83% turbidity was removed by mixed solution. Garcina kola and Carica papaya seeds are non toxic and do not significantly affect the pH and conductivity of the treated water. So, as natural coagulants, both seeds may be potentially viable for treating water.

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