Does Pain Adversely Affect the Quality of Life in Hospitalized Cancer Patients?

Abstracts Background: Each year, 9 million patients are   diagnosed as a cancer. The pain is the most common cancer-related symptom.  The prevalence of severe pain at diagnosis, during-active treatment and at advanced disease stage range from to 14-100%, to 50-70% and to 60-90% respectively. Methods: In this study, the factors affecting the quality of life of cancer […]

A Stacking Approach to Direct Marketing Response Modeling

Abstracts In this work, we investigate the viability of the stacked generalization approach in predictive modeling of a direct marketing problem. We compare the performance of individual models created using different classification algorithms, and stacked ensembles of these models. The base algorithms we investigate and use to create stacked models are Neural Networks, Logistic Regression, […]

Microbial Response to Varying Concentrations of Crude Oil Pollution of Agricultural Soils in Ondo State, Nigeria

Abstracts This research investigated the effects of varying concentrations of crude oil on the population of crude oil degrading microorganisms in crude oil polluted agricultural soils from Igodan- Lisa, Oba-Ile and Ido-Ani areas of Ondo State, Nigeria. The soil samples were exposed to 1- 4% (w/w) crude oil and analyzed monthly for six periods using […]

Effect of Ad-libitum, Split and Restricted Feeding on Performance, Digestibility and Welfare of Broiler Chickens

Abstracts An experiment was conducted to assess the performance, welfare and digestibility of broilers fed varying forms of feeding regimes. The objective of this work research was investigate the possibility of improving growth performances, digestibility and welfare of broilers using ad libitum, split and restricted feeding. Formulated diet was given in four different forms Ad-libitum (Treatment 1) twice […]

Variations in Platelet Indices among Healthy Nigerian Population

Abstracts Background: The degree of platelet activation may be assessed by platelet indices such as platelet count (PC), mean platelet volume (MPV) and platelet distribution width (PDW). Platelet indices are potentially predictive, diagnostic and prognostic useful markers for platelet-related disorders. Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate platelet indices in a Nigerian population. Methods: One hundred […]

Composition and Physical Properties of the Natural Gas Supplied for Domestic Use through the Distribution Network

Abstracts Aims: To assess the composition of the Natural Gas (NG) supplied for domestic consumption through the distribution network to correlate the physical properties linked to it were to be determined in order to investigate their fluctuations. Study Design:  The samples were analyzed in accordance with the method described in the ISO 6974‑4 standard, “Natural Gas. […]

Evaluation of Empirical Functions and Fate of Isomaltose

Abstracts Aim: To validate the empirical functions of isomaltose and proposed its fates in metabolism using computational analysis. Place and Duration of Study: This work was carried out at the Department of Biochemistry at the Federal University of Technology Akure Nigeria in 2017. Methodology: We make use of text mining of experimental articles on isomaltose, predicted the potential […]

Influence of Grass Mulch on Soil Physical Attributes of a Luvisol and Water Requirement of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) in the Transition Zone of Ghana

Abstracts The experiment was conducted to assess the influence of grass mulch on some soil physical attributes of a luvisol and water requirement of cowpea in the transition zone of Ghana at the University of Education, Winneba, Mampong campus. A Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) was used. The grass mulch rates were; 1 t ha-1, […]

Dimensionless Geomorphometry and Discharge in the Ikpa River Basin, Nigeria

Abstracts This study evaluates the relationships between dimensionless basin geomorphometry and discharge in the Ikpa River. The basin was stratified into seven sub-units using [1] scheme. Geospatial tools were used in generating data for the digital elevation model, while dimensionless geomorphometric parameters were generated from topographic maps (sheet 322 NE; sheet 322 SE; sheet 323 […]

Biodisinfection and Coagulant Properties of Mixed Garcinia kola and Carica papaya Seeds Extract for Water Treatment

Abstracts Garcinia kola (Heckel) and Carica papaya (Linn.) seeds from ripe fruits were investigated for their disinfection and coagulation activity in water. The phytochemical analysis indicated the presence of alkaloid, saponins, flavonoid and tannins in both seeds. Physicochemical analysis of the water samples was determined before and after treatment with seed solutions. Results showed that mixed Garcinia kola and Carica […]